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Bulging Disc Relief

Relieving the Pain and Discomfort of Bulging Discs

When discs slip, bulge, or herniate, the bones of the spine become misaligned and the disc presses against the nerve causing sharp, radiating pain in the back. This leaves you not only in pain but unable to do everyday activities.

  • Sharp, Tingling, Burning, or Aching Dull Pain

  • Pain in the Extremities

  • Pain While Sitting or Sleeping

  • Inability to Bend & More

Dr. Wright's program for bulging discs uses table techniques and Flexion/Distraction, which is specially designed to rehabilitate and help heal bulging/herniated discs while relieving pain. This handles the most common symptoms of bulging or herniated discs such as:


If you've experienced back pain that has persisted for months and you are looking for a safe, effective alternative to drugs or surgery, Dr. Wright would like to help. Fill out the form below to get your private one-on-one consultation.

Get Back to Life without Back Pain

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