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Pregnancy/Infant Care

Gentle Care for New Moms & Infants

Almost half of all pregnant women experience some form of back pain during and after their pregnancy. This is a byproduct of the incredible strain the body is put through during pregnancy, but it can be helped through safe and effective manipulation.


Dr. Wright and his office are well equipped to help gently relieve your pain without medications, as he has done so for many pregnant women.

• Reduce The Strain of Pregnancy on Your Body

• Start Your Child Off on The Right Foot

• Promote Healthy Growth & Development

With infant care, Dr. Wright provides gentle, light-touch adjustments for newborns that ensure there are no muscle or joint issues in the spine that would impede your child's growth and development.


If you are a new or expecting mother, Dr. Wright would like to help you and your child live the healthiest life possible. Fill out the form below to request your consultation.

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